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4 Reasons to Stay at a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel


Should you stay at a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel? There’s something truly special about staying on Disney property at a Disneyland Resort hotel. But there are reasons to consider staying off the property as well. With only three official Disneyland Resort options in California, Disney partners with many off-property hotels to offer accommodations for its theme parks. These are referred to as “Good Neighbor” hotels. Ranging from small motels to high-end resorts, there’s something for everybody. Here are four reasons to stay at a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel for your next visit.


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When it comes to your vacation budget, staying off property can save you quite a bit of money. While you’ll be sacrificing when it comes to the “magic” of staying at an official Disneyland Resort hotel, you can definitely find hotels that are close in proximity and clean. And I speak from experience when I say that some are quite nice! If saving money is important to you, staying off property is one of the easiest ways to save.



Disneyland Resort Entrance | Magic in the PlanningWhile it makes sense that staying on Disney property would keep you closer to the action, it’s not necessarily true that it’s the closest place to stay when it comes to the parks. There are some really great places to stay that are well within walking distance of the park entrances. In fact, some are actually closer to the entrances themselves. And many of the hotels that aren’t within a reasonable walking distance offer transportation either through their own shuttles or the ART transportation system.


Access to Things Outside of Disney

If you’re planning a vacation involving all things Disney all the time, then perhaps staying on property is for you. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy all Disney has to offer than to stay at one of its Disneyland Resorts. But if you want to take advantage of things outside of Disney, staying off property makes a lot of sense.

For example… my family ate breakfast every morning near our hotel. This saved us money as we didn’t have to buy breakfast in the parks. Non-Disney attractions, grocery stores, dining… you’ll have better access to all of these and more if you aren’t on Disney property. And while it is certainly possible to visit all these places from your Disneyland Resort, you won’t have a restaurant or shopping option next to your hotel as many of the Good Neighbor hotels offer.


Free (or easy) Breakfast

Good Neighbor Hotels Across from Disneyland | Magic in the PlanningMany of the Good Neighbor hotels are in close proximity to dining choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And better yet, some of them even offer free breakfast. When visiting Disney with a large family, this can save you quite a bit of money! The hotel my husband and I most recently stayed at even had a Starbucks in the lobby! And while it wasn’t free, it was nice to be able to grab our coffee before walking to the parks. We were able to avoid the line inside the park for our coffee, which was a huge perk!


So there you have it! Four reasons to stay at a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel. Be sure to visit the official Disneyland website for a full list of Disney-approved hotels.

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