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5 Reasons Why I Choose to Vacation with Disney

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I grew up vacationing with Disney. My husband, on the other hand, did not. It wasn’t until he married me that he got his first taste of Disney vacation magic! While there are plenty of other vacation options out there, Disney has a charm all its own. This is why I choose to vacation with Disney year after year. We have sailed on the Disney Cruise Line, spent time in California at the Disneyland Resort, and traveled across the country to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. But if the charm isn’t enough to convince you to vacation with Disney, here are five more reasons why Disney vacations are truly special.


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Disney makes planning a vacation seamless

Daisy and Donald in Hollywood Studios | Magic in the PlanningFrom start to finish, planning a Disney vacation is typically one of the easiest vacations to plan. You can literally package everything together, even air travel! When planning other vacations for my family, I have to coordinate every detail and hope it all comes together. But with Disney, I can book everything in one place.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to arrive in Orlando, board our Disney coach, and arrive at our Disney resort. Once there, we also enjoyed free transportation to and from the parks and free transportation back to the airport at the end of our vacation. (This free transportation is available through Disney if staying on property at a Walt Disney World resort.)

When traveling with Disney Cruise Line, the trip is fairly seamless as well. Disney offers transportation (for a fee) from its hotels or the airport to the ports. I was also able to easily add a few nights in Disney World before our most recent Disney Cruise!


Customer service at Disney is top-notch

Things happen. Plans change and problems occur. So one thing that is really important to me as a vacationer is knowing that I can count on the company I’m booking with to make things right. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect to be treated with kindness and respect. Nearly every experience I’ve had with Disney’s customer service has been amazingly helpful. I’ve had to call for numerous reasons including postponing a trip, adjusting hotels or dates, adding transportation, etc. And no matter the reason, Disney has been kind and courteous.


Disney takes care of their guests’ needs… especially when it comes to family

50s Prime Time Cafe | magicintheplanning.comOne thing Disney does really well is to recognize the individual needs of their guests… especially when it comes to traveling with small children. Both of my daughters have food allergies, and Disney has taken care of them on every vacation we’ve had. They also know how to work with picky eaters. (And let’s face it… some of our little ones are VERY picky about their food!) When we were given our kids’ menus onboard our last Disney cruise, we were told that they were more than willing to go “off-menu” for the kids (which came in handy for our 4-year-old!)


Safety is a top priority at Disney

I love the fact that our purses and backpacks are checked before entering the parks. I’m glad that Disney requires hand washing before entering Cabanas to eat onboard Disney Cruise Line. But above that, I have noticed over the years how Disney handles itself when it comes to larger safety issues. For example, when hurricanes have struck… not every cruise line handled it the same way. I’ve paid attention to which cruise lines put the safety of their guests first. I personally don’t want to sail on a cruise line or visit a theme park that will put their guests at risk to keep operations going.

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Disney went above and beyond to take care of their guests. While many of my friends lost their deposits (and more) with vacations booked elsewhere, Disney was issuing credits of 125% of your cruise price (or a full refund) and even offering free dining to some who had their Walt Disney World vacations postponed. In my opinion, this is going above and beyond for something that wasn’t even their fault, and it is yet another reason I choose to vacation with Disney.


When you choose to vacation with Disney, you will experience a “magic” that is beyond compare

Radiator Springs Racers in California Adventure | Magic in the PlanningMy husband has never been a “rides” kind of guy, and he didn’t grow up loving all things Disney the way that I did. But he quickly understood after his first Disney vacation why I love it so much. There was no denying that a Disney vacation is a step above the rest. We laughed at times at how pristine our Disney Cruise ship was. (Seriously… I’ve never seen a cleaner cruise ship!) And can we talk about Disney theming? The details are absolutely out of this world. Every square inch of the parks is well thought out… even the bathrooms!

Can you take a cheaper vacation? Yes, you can. But truth be told, it’s hard to beat Disney magic. Perhaps that’s why year after year, families all over the world choose to vacation with Disney in some way, whether it be at a Disney park, Disney Cruise Line, or even Adventures by Disney.


Looking to plan your Walt Disney World vacation? Be sure to visit my step-by-step guide to get started!


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