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4 Reasons Why a Disney Cruise Might Be Right for You


Have you ever considered why a Disney Cruise might be right for you and your family? As a kid, my family spent a lot of time in Disney parks. We loved Disney. Now as an adult, I enjoy taking my children to the parks and reliving some of my childhood memories with them by my side. So when I first heard about Disney Cruise Line, I was a bit skeptical about its ability to recreate the Disney magic I remembered as a child. Could it really compare to the parks?


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**Disney Cruise Line is back to sailing all four of its ships in the United States, but restrictions are in place and vacations have been modified for safety. Be sure to visit our reopening guide for Disney Cruise Line for updated information to guide your vacation planning!


Dining on the Disney Dream | Magic in the PlanningIn 2016, my husband and I took a “grown-ups only” vacation to Walt Disney World and decided to add on a short 3-day Disney cruise to the Bahamas. My husband had always been a big fan of cruising (we cruised on Carnival for our honeymoon), and we were curious about all the fuss. Needless to say, Disney Cruise Line exceeded all of our expectations. Our only regret was that we didn’t book a longer cruise! Since then, we have been on three Disney cruises. We have even managed to sail on three different ships to three entirely different destinations.

So if you’re unsure about whether or not to book a Disney Cruise Line vacation for you and your family, here are four reasons why a Disney cruise might be right for you.


Experience an all-inclusive Disney vacation… almost

One of my favorite things about a Disney cruise is the fact that nearly everything is included in the price. Obviously, there are some “extras” you can purchase onboard like spa treatments, alcoholic beverages, and port adventures. But the essentials (room, dining, entertainment, etc.) are all included in the price. It makes the trip more seamless, and honestly, less stressful. I get to enjoy my vacation and eat until I’m stuffed without having to worry about what it’s costing me.


Enjoy all the Disney magic without all the walking or the lines

Jamaica Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line | Magic in the PlanningWhen we decided to take our daughters on their first Disney cruise, we went a couple of days early to enjoy the parks. And while we had an absolute blast, with two young kids, we were slightly exhausted after two full park days. Don’t get me wrong… we LOVE the parks! But it’s nice to sometimes enjoy Disney without waiting in line for rides or spending the day walking miles around the parks.

This is one of the reasons why a Disney Cruise is so relaxing. Your room is always a short distance away! And while there can be a short line to meet a character on board, the wait was significantly shorter than the parks. (We only waited 15 minutes to meet Anna and Elsa!)


See the world with your family

I love to travel. But visiting other countries can be a bit intimidating… especially with young kids. In just one week, I was able to travel to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, and the Bahamas with my family. We shared unique cultural experiences as a family all under the safety of knowing that we were sailing with Disney.


There is literally something for everyone.

Star Wars Day at Sea on Disney Cruise Line | Magic in the PlanningWhile there are a lot of young ones on board, one thing I notice is that Disney does a spectacular job of pleasing everyone on board. My daughters were treated like royalty!

And not only are there plenty of family activities, but Disney also offers adult-only areas and activities while the kids enjoy the kids club. In fact, they do such a great job of keeping the kids happy and entertained, that my husband and I chose to take a Disney cruise on our own without the kids… twice! (Yes, it’s possible to have a romantic getaway on a Disney cruise!) And I know that as our daughters get older, they will love cruising just as much because there truly is something for every age group online to enjoy.


**Looking to plan your Disney Cruise Line vacation? Be sure to visit my step-by-step guide to get started!

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